Sunday, February 27, 2011

Featured On.....itsrenatalive!!!!!

 I have and for the most part always admired my big sister, she has always been a force to reckon with and her creativity holds no boundaries. To have her unyielding support, encouragement and praise is very humbling for me.......I am truly touched Renata..Thank you. love Chelsea

Here is the feature!!!


The Artist/Designer

Life is indeed full of sweet surprises! The sweet & pleasant ones have a lasting effect and certainly puts a smile on my heart and a pep in my step. Much of my family and loved ones thought I would be the one to start my art career in full blast, however the art of media got a hold of me :) Now, having relocated to a new place and with this comes new experiences, I have been truly inspired by my sister to reignite those gifts within as she is always encouraging me to "start back doing your art Fern". My how the tables have turned. I am very proud of you Chelsea, you have done and continue to do exceptionally brilliant in your Art Career!

It is indeed my honor to introduce to you the very talented and absolutely beautiful Artist and Designer - my sister and her blog spot. Her art is Inspired by motherhood, nature, landscapes and love as she uses various mediums, from earth worn bits to bejeweled items infused with vibrant colours and some even express a 3D finish. When you walk into her space, you walk into an Art Gallery, as each wall is lavished or dotted with an original piece from Chelsea St Pierre, art hugs you, beckoning you to realize the beauty embracing you, and when you do (and you do), you feel at home. Owning a piece of Chelsea Art Designs is a must for each who comes into its encounter!

Live Life and Love it!



Thank you so much Renata, your support means the world to me.
Tight hugs

itsRenataLive said...

Always here for you my dear!
Bless you Always!

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