Saturday, March 10, 2012

LWS Cafe...on International Women's Day

A wonderful day was had by all who dropped by the LWS Cafe to celebrate, with the free themed cupcakes of Mother Theresa, Amy Tan, Indira Ghandi and the lovely Princess Diana... relaxing music bellowing in the background and good vibes all round. Art was especially featured  by local female artist including myself and Erin Balfour.

Here is Erin's contribution...I adore her work and was so pleased she was showcasing her talent. please check  her out  at

Introducing the  lovely Janet..a powerhouse and the woman behind LWS- this is a great charity run organisation...please support and check out their website!!-

Our beautiful next generation enjoying the free cupcakes ( those were meant for us women but  as mothers. do..! (a huge thank you to the lovely local mum who let me photograph her beautiful daughter and son for this feature- her kids were so beautifully well behaved and well mannered I could not resist!..and cute as pie!!!!!)

Another local female artist and dear friend enjoying the cupcakes- Vanda Brito and my little Erin

Another look at the cafe at the start of the day..I will do a  post on my art featured very soon until then keep well.

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