Saturday, March 10, 2012

Featured!!!! on Tiger Tales!!!

Wow!!! I just did this post below and then discovered Erin Balfour and I were in a feature over at Tiger Tales

Here is the feature post!!

Thank you so very much ..I am humbled and touched by the time you have taken to do this post so beautifully and thoughtfully.

I'm cheerful this week because:
  1. I have the freedom to speak my mind 
  2. I can wear what I want when I want how I want
  3. I can go out unaccompanied by my husband
  4. I have a happy loving communicative marriage
  5. I had the benefit of 15 minutes to myself yesterday to visit the LWS Cafe in Crystal Place for cup of tea and to view the art work on display to commemorate International Women's Day. The work that touched me were pieces done by Chelsea Art Designs and Mrs Balfour.

From left to right Matron, Maiden, Mother

Using the warm colours reds, yellows, oranges, gold and bronze the three pieces done by Chelsea celebrates the three stages of womanhood: maiden, mother and matron with the pagan symbols for these stages at the heart of the work. All three pieces were painted onto images of women of various ethnic origin and from all 'walks of life'. Naturally the image of mother spoke to me. I wish my image below did it justice (taken with mobile phone)


I absolutely adored the piece by Mrs Balfour, which was one made in 2009. The statement on the piece struck a chord with me, its reads 'I didn't mean to lose my heart'. The piece haunted me, but in a good way. I love it!

7. I'm cheerful because as I sat in theLWS Cafe yesterday, I was happy to see other women:  friends, mothers and colleagues sitting, chatting laughing freely together.

Have a great weekend!

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Ladytee said...

This was a pleasant surprise indeed! It's always great when someone recognizes and appreciates your work. Love those colors by the way. So warm and inviting.


Thank you for your lovely comment!!! very much appreciated!!and so true!!

MsXpat said...

It was my pleasure, wonderful work should saluted.


Awe thank you M

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