Sunday, April 7, 2013

Circa 2010- Face your Fear!

Hello friends.......I hope you all are enjoying the weekend. I am so thankful for the sunshine today in London as we have been plagued with awful weather which seems to be delaying SPRING.

I just wanted to share with you some of my paintings I did back in 2010 when I started to paint in earnest for public consumption. 

I have grown so much since then as an artist and therefore as a person. My journey as an artist has taught me so much about live outside my comfort zone and face my fears. When I show my Paintings I hold my heart up for the world to see and therefore I am open to encouragement, support, delight , disappointment, criticism and compliment. I am more emotionally robust for putting myself through this experience time and time again.

It is a wonderful and enriching experience to face your fear , however small and conquer it! It sets you free and opens up a world of greater opportunity and prospects. While I have been painting for many many years I did so quietly and privately just for myself and loved ones..............and now I do it openly and freely and put it out here for the world to view. 

 So if you have a dream, desire or wish and fear is holding you back I encourage you to try to face it , head on and experience the elation and freedom it brings when conquered!

Fears I had and conquered-; using a computer, being on Facebook, uploading photos, making videos, flying, having children, abandonment.

Current fear I am conquering-; learning to drive! wish me luck.
  If you faced any of your fears recently or in the past and would like to share, please do, as it may encourage others.

Very Best Wishes to you.....Chelsea. 


Almost Precious said...

Art is personal and true art comes from the heart and soul of the artist. Good for you for facing your fears. Sure there may be a person that might be rude enough to say that they are not into someone's art but those are few and far between. Most people appreciate the way an artist sees things and appreciate the emotions and efforts that went into creating a piece - whether that piece is oil, water, acrylics or mixed media paintings, or sculptures, photography, the vast plethora of jewelry (seed bead work, macramé work, wire work, casting, etc.) and a tome of other arts and crafts.
Just continue to create what makes you happy because when the heart is happy it shows in the work of the artist. :)


Thank you for sharing Anna, that was wonderfuly put and so true! I ahve recieved nthing but posistive feedback thus far, so my experiene has been a good one which is very encouraging and enlightening.

MsXpat said...

Like you I believe in conquering my fears. I see myself as a work in progress, constantly fixing and perfecting. My motto for 2013 is to go beyond my comfort zone.
Good luck with driving.


Thank you maria for stopping by and laving that wonderful comment. I love that you are a work in progress, that is how I view my life period.

Ladytee said...

OMGEEE! Learning to drive in this day and age is definitely conquering your fear. Love you frankness & honesty. Onward, forward...mush, mush.

PiaRom said...

You are so true, Thank you for such a wonderful blog and lets celebrate our art with joy and fun and grow over our fears :) ♥ Conny

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