Monday, April 22, 2013

Mixed Media Sea Scape Painting

A few months ago I was asked to do this commissioned painting.
This sketch was my brief along with a guided dimension and apart from that I was given full artistic license

I knew I wanted this piece to be 3 dimensional and heavily textured, with the sun lifted from the surface, the roofs sticking out and the landscape protruding!
[the sun was moulded using clay then baked and painted.]

The foundation of the canvas was covered with over 16 layers of vintage musical note paper. My experience of being at the seaside is always a musical one...listening to the waves and seagulls. Nature has it's own wonderful rhythm and I really wanted to carry that essence through the painting

This was the original painting I which  inspired  my client to commission a similar  and larger piece.

It is important for me to challenge myself and not be a comfortable place creatively. I used to always do a  blended and smooth sky but since learning from an Art Master ( twice a month for an hour) I felt I wanted to change the skyline and the sea to give more life to the painting you can see from the finished piece!

Applying the various stones was a delightful experience. It looked amazing, adding lots of texture and light to the painting but when I placed the beach houses it did not fit well on the stones, so I had to sculpt the houses and add more stones. Once I added more stones (which I brought in Bavaria) the landscape felt off, so I painted it several times with various shades of earthy tones to get the colour I was finally happy with. I used lots of gold, silver, copper and  bronze to add more texture and life.
It would have worked better if I painted the houses on but I really wanted to make a feature of it with little roofs. If  I am to do a similar piece again I will do a few things differently, using other mediums. But that is the game as an artist, every piece is prototype.

 All in all this painting took me on a wonderful creative journey, applying new techniques and mediums. This piece has been the object of my affection for the past few months and will be off to it's owner soon..where I hope it brings many smiles and joy to within new home. It is difficult to not be connected to paintings like this when I have spent many many hours creating, I will miss it very much. So have a wonderful day and week until next time. Chelsea 


MsXpat said...

Its good to see the process behind a piece.


Thank you for stopping by Maria, indeed it is as much work and time goes into creating some paintings

Ladytee said...

Love it girl! The results are so colorful. The green make the whole thing pop.


Awe thank you Sonya it is always so wonderful to have stop by and spread your good cheer.

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