Saturday, May 7, 2011

Update........All done!

Just a few words on the Fiction Project.

I am finished!!!!!!!!!!!

Just have to do the video in the next few days and off it goes to US of A.......friends suggested I host a send off party for it, so they can have one last peek and touch ...but I am so tired and have other projects I need to start urgently. So I will raise a glass quietly on my own and have a moment!

Keep well until then and I look forward to sharing and hearing your feedback.

Tight hugs



itsRenataLive said...

Brilliant!!! Congrats. I await the video and join you in raising a glass in celebration of its send off.


Thank you Renata.........I am going through all the emotions and woke this ,morning shattered, I put so much effort physically and emotionally ....I feel so tired but happy to have been on this amazing journey. Thank for coming along for the the ride with me.


Anonymous said...

you are brilliant I will raise a glass in your honour too!!

An Admirer

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