Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fiction Project coming to an end!

I am feverishly working on completing the Fiction Project I have under 4 weeks to post it...ensuring it arrives on time to the USA.

............And I still have to catalog  the book plus make a video for you all to see how it eventually turned out. This project really has sent me on a creative journey and has pushed my boundaries and look at art and my creativity in a new way.

I hope you all are enjoying this lovely weekend...we went to Dutch Day at Trafalgar square yesterday and had a ball...........lots of people dressed in orange, yummy food, great entertainment and the crowd was buzzin............and many a tall people the dutch men are known to average the tallest in the world and from what I have seen yesterday and my trips to Holland  I can attest to that.

Keep well and enjoy the hours we have left.............until the work week begins.



Unknown said...

Hey there!

I think the postmark deadline for the Fiction Project is 22 May. I am nowhere near finished, need to find some time to get going on it!!


Thank you so much BPB, I can breathe a little easier now, I thought it was May 1st. And |I am posting from London, so all matter of things could go wrong with the delivery. will persevere, hope you will too the time is nigh..

keep well


Anonymous said...

Hello lovely! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog - I must admit I've had too much morning sickness and fatigue to be able to do the Fiction Project. Which is a shame but I just had to go with it! Ah well - next time! I might do the Sketchbook Project in a year or so so that I don't have to also think of a story as such! My brain is all fuzzy at the mo hehe!

Yours looks gorgeous! I love that you enjoyed making it and it sent you on a journey - it's so good to get out of the comfort zone, isn't it? I can't wait to watch your video :o)

Ah it was soooo nice to meet you outside Living Water that day - I was smiling all day!

Lots of love xxx


Hi Erin Thank you for your lovely comments. What a pity you are unable to complete the FP but to be honest it is not called project for nothing...boy is it alot of work!!! and under your circumstances I totally understand and for this I send you a big hug and hope this stage passes quickly and you can move on to your glowing stage, where you feel your most fabulos and comments are fyling to you from random strangers telling you how utterly amazing you look!!!

It is great to get out of my comfort zone for sure and keep trying new things and pushing myself...I will try a mixed media piece but really go for it...totally no holes barred, balls to the wall style, may have to be an all nighter for a few days. Can't get done with kids around.

Must dash, mouths to feed.

talk again soon.........we should totally meet up but when you feel better and if you are up for it.

Tight hugs


itsRenataLive said...

and noe...EXHALE...

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