Friday, March 4, 2011

Fiction Project March

As with any creative being.......sometimes we have a rush of inspiration, which comes in bucket loads and other times we lie still creatively until the wave takes us again. Other times we have go out there and find it or be out of our comfort zone so it can hit us in the face. Today I am on the hunt for inspiration to complete the last few pages of the fiction project. I have managed to write over a few pages, and as mentioned in my video I  will use some excerpts from my old diaries which will guarantee some on the floor laughter!!!!

Once the book is posted I will write excerpts from my diary on the blog to give my lovely followers a little flavor of my past life and the characters that flowed in and quickly out of my here I wish you a good day which will hopefully lead to a wonderful weekend despite the weather!!!!

As Ever



Unknown said...

OK then...the dairies comes out, this is going to be a rather interesting journey..pop corn ready, easy chair set, let it rip! Art imitates life, love it! You go lady Chels.


You know I am a huge fan of reflection.Taking time out to reflect and learn from past mistakes and positive proactive planning, so when I dug out my old diaries, I had to grab a cup of tea and sit in a quite corner..............but girl I was cracking up!!!!!the things I used to get up to and the way in which I handled some situations ..really got me was I always older than my age...bravo to me!!!!

i am native here . . . said...

Ha! Looking forward to those stories!!!

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