Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recent Review........

Hi there.......

So here as promised..... .is another update and review on what I have been up to. I hope you enjoy watching. I am sorry about the quality, poor lighting and no background music. I am going to get better at this, I just know I am but until then............




Anonymous said...

WoW, you are so cute! I just stumbled on your blog and there you were. How exciting this project you are doing, nice colours!!!I am sure you will do well,so chuffed I am the first to comment on the video as well. hurray! What great timing!

Keep beautiful ans ps- your videos are fine and real!!!

Jason T



Thank you Jason, you are very kind. see you on your next visit!


Anonymous said...

Hello :)
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog awww nice to be missed <3
I will be back quite soon - hurray!
Fiction Project stuff got lost in the snows grr annoying how a weeny bit of snow messes up the post in this country! So they're sending another!
Looks like you're getting on fab with yours!! Love your vlogs!!
Hugs back at ya xxx


Awe Thanks for the comps Erin but so sorry to hear about FP-stuff becoming a casualty of the snow fall.I hope the new pack reaches you in double time!!

Cannot wait for you to get started, it has made a huge impact on my life so far, so happy I have signed up for it!!!

TH- Chelsea

Anonymous said...

I love how you keep it real i your videos, so admirable. wish you well on your project cannot wait to see the little birdhouse when completed!!

Mia Ellis Parry
Paris France

Anonymous said...

Please do another vlog.you are so watchable!!! the art is good too.


Anonymous said...

Exciting project. I can hardly wait to read more about your progress

Checiegirl said...

I love your new drawings A.Chelsea can't wait to see some more.


Thank yo checigirl.I look forward to sharing more!Really appreciate your comments.

tight hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Chels,

I love the work, excellent designs, very unique.

I am very proud of you, excited to see the journey of this.

Love you,

itsRenataLive said...

Hey Chel,

Firstly, love the nails, brilliant manicure. Loving how its all coming together sis, hats off to you.

Keep it coming.

Love ya loads,

Big Sis, Fern.

Anonymous said...

your blog is ever so inspiring, I think I will sign up for this project. keep up the good work. love all the pages.


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