Sunday, January 2, 2011

Plans for 2011!

Great news..........So I signed up for The Fiction Project and it came in the post a few days ago!!!! I am completely beside myself. 

This is run by the Art House Co-op. This book will be the property of The Brooklyn Art Library and kept as part of its permanent narrative collection!
The idea of the project is to share a story using any number of methods but must be 51% words in handwriting preferably. Each book is assigned a theme and mine is Happy Thoughts.  
The said book is a 40 paged 5.25 by  8.25 inches in moleskin black! yum.....lovely to touch but I will cover it with fabric and add a few different mediums to personalize it!

I am so excited as...

1. The book will go on tour around the United States which means that as most of my family and many friends live in the US they can view it!

  2.  For me it means I can really push my boundaries and include every medium possible to accompany my written word. Now let me make it very clear 'I am not a writer by any stretch of the imagination but I do have something to say and I have led a very interesting life. So I think this 3 month journey will be one of most creative and cathartic ones to date!

I will also be keeping an art journal about this experience and a video update on my progress. I will endeavor to upload photos as well.

If any of my lovely creative followers have made plans for this year and set challenges please share. I would love to hear from you.

Equally if anyone has previously done the fiction project and is willing to offer any advice or share their experience I will be overjoyed to hear from you.

Best Wishes to All


Anonymous said...

Congrats! This seems like a very therapeutic and creative outlet! I wish you much success and happiness from it.

Love always - Uncle B

Miranda said...

Excellent project my darling. I am sure you will excel at it. And I can't wait to see and read the final project and visit it of course in New York. Great job and keep up the positive vibe!

Lots of love



Thank you for the kinds words. I am always encouraged and inspired!


Anonymous said...

How exciting!!!!

All the best will be following for sure!!!


J. Long


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