Thursday, February 21, 2013

Take a moment.

Be Inspired today to do something for yourself, to indulge a little in something fun and idle just for a moment.

I am off to visit a dear friend today and I know there will be laughter and fun to be had and when the visit is all done and I am home again I will want to paint or do something creative, which I will later share with you. This is my way of capturing these moments of happiness and celebrating the power of friendship. What will you do today?


Additionsstyle said...

Great post! I hope your visit is wonderful, and that you enjoy your day.
Everyday Inspired

PS-I love the red painting you have left side of you blog, I would love to know more about it, if it's available, how much it costs, email me when you have a chance :)

AntiquityTravelers said...

oh I just LOVE Van Gogh ( as you know with my earring collection). What a great quote!!


Hi Valerie, cheers for stopping by, I will email you about the painting today. My visit was great thank you and I managed to do doodling as well while there. I will share soon.


Hello AT...I adore Van Gogh also, Thank you for stopping by.

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