Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Studio and Kids-progress

I really wanted to share a photo story of my little studio,bare with me as it is still in progress. It used to be Erin's baby room but she loves sleeping with her big sister, so they share a room now. Then, I kicked my husband/office out and have now claimed it as my own. It is small ( 13 feet by 11 feet)  But it is my slice of heaven. I am happily organising it, to make my cards, jewellery, paintings, art journalling and the like. So here are the pics................I hope you enjoy.

A few tools of my trade for jewellery making

My devoted intruder-Erin

And so I had to give her something to do on my laptop

Erin was intent on staying put

yep she is still there and loves this space more than I ( if that is at all possible)

I found this great way of storing my craft papers..Hangers, who knew?

Another intruder -Armelle...look at her face, so unimpressed that Erin has the best spot.

By the way it was snowing in London! Bliss

Armelle....still unimpressed but smiled for this photo.


Ok then paint these

Come on Armelle you too.

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