Saturday, November 24, 2012


There is no greater compliment to an artist than a purchase of their painting. It says 'I really love and appreciate your work and I want to own it so I can look at it daily'-quoted by purchaser! 
Thank you so much Mr.B for investing in my work, you have not only invested in me but also a great local charity L.W.S that help, support and empower women in need.

I will be safely wrapping these paintings today which will be delivered to the new owner tomorrow morning. I have no doubt that the new home will be more enriched with these 2 additions.

Title- Fireworks Vortex. Mixed medium on framed canvas.40cm by 45cm

Title-Dance with Me. 23 layers of Acrylic on framed canvas.76cm by 101cm

I will be selling at the L.W.S Cafe Cafe on Saturday December 15th  from 12noon to 5pm.  Why not stop by and support the Charity by purchasing Local Handmade Cards, Jewellery and Art. CHELSEA

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Ladytee said...

Congrats Chelsea!!!!

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