Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Youth to Young Lady

Hello friends I thought I would share this mixed media piece I did last year- It was made

for a lovely young woman whom I have know since she was  little

And I have had the privilege to watch her blossom

Into a  Beautiful, Caring, Considerate, Nurturing , Vibrant adult

so when her birthday arrived it gave me chance to do a piece

 which represented the things she like, with the colours she likes

that symbolized her journey into womanhood.

she loves music and plays the piano- music note sheets

she likes pretty sparkling things- high gloss iridescent finish

butterfly -

the gift was received with excitement and gratitude

It is always a wonderful feeling to know when you take time out

to do something nice for someone special it is enjoyed and appreciated. It was such a joy making this piece- I hope when L D looks at it - it brings her fond feelings and empower her to keep on achieving amazing things in her life! I hope you enjoyed this post. When was the last time you made someone smile? Chelsea

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