Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gratitude bracelets-Giveaway winners- postal!!! ready!

In each package you will find 2 bookmarks

one of these bracelets

here is a closer look

A hand written scented thank you note

all together

and now

All completed 

And ready to be shipped out tomorrow. Please!! I urge you there are a few of you who has not sent me their postal address yet. I am due to be in Germany very soon and would like to get these to you ALL before I go. So get in touch via email with your addresses asap!! Much love and always in gratitude for the support , advice encouragement and well wishes. Chelsea


Ladytee said...

Oh, I can't wait! ♥the packaging! Did you get my address? If not let me know. I will definitely be purchasing one of these from you in the future.


Oh yes indeed. I got ebveryone's address, so I am happy to say all the pacaakges have abeen shipped out, a few people got their's already. So look out for yours.

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