Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spirit Of Summer!

I am off tomorrow to the Spirit of Summer Fair - as a special invited guest along with another blogger reviewer.

I cannot wait as there are so many things to look forward to but I am especially looking to viewing DOUBLE FLIP  She carries a brilliant line of products have a look at the link and check out what she is all about.

I will report on the day and all the wonderful things I have this space. ....
I know that I will very inspired  when I return home with the greatest creative desire to paint and craft, so I will keep next week free for that and share my progress. I hope  you all are doing well.

Oh!... from time to time you may see posts based on reviews.
I have been receiving requests to write reviews on events and products. There are things as an artist, crafter, consumer, mother, wife, homemaker and woman that I am very passionate about..for instance- health and well being, education, creative projects, family events, interesting places to visit for couples and families.
 If I think it is of benefit to myself, family and my readers I will review it and I will do so as impartial as possible. If I think it is great I will say..however.. if I think the product has drawbacks I will also say.
 I will not mislead you or try to sell you anything!!!! I will just be giving my honest opinion on the product after my family or myself have put it through the appropriate reviewing process. I will put a disclaimer after each review. I will write a special post about my future intentions and possibilities very soon. While I am an artist I am woman, consumer, mother , wife and friend first! and I would like to platform it here on my blog too. 

I have also been contacted to do giveaways as well, so watch out for could be a lucky winner of something wonderful!!! So stay tuned and be well. Chelsea


MsXpat said...

Well done! Onwards and upwards! Keep up the good work.


thank you hun....!

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