Thursday, May 17, 2012

orange and yellow!!!

Orange and YellowOrange! and yellow

orange orange orange


It has been overcast and rainy in London for far too long and far too many weeks..the Sun is fighting a losing battle on most days. This is my post in support of the sunshine!!!!! Orange and Yellow are 2 of the most featured colours in my paintings due to it's vibrancy and energy. Here is my little feature to show how powerful these colours are...I dare you to tell me 'you felt nothing after seeing this post!!!. Photos courtesy Pinterest! enjoy my collage.

Orange Orange OrangeYellow, Yellow, Yellow

Orange, orange, orange!!Orange Orange Orange!

orange orange orange

Orange Orange Orange

orange, orange, orange.........


Anonymous said...

oh orange is my favorite colour of all!!!! great post.

Ladytee said...

LOL! Yes I am!

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