Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Introducing Collette @ Amira Belly Dance!

As an artist I love all other art forms, I especially love Dance and consider it to be one of the highest and most beautiful forms of ART! To this end I am very pleased to introduce to you ....

The beautiful and very talented Collette! 
Contact details: mobile-07930331718 or 0208 653 7735. Click on the link to check out her website.....prepare to be dazzled!!

NOTE:Taking her Belly Dance class should be on your list of resolutions this year! Collette is an amazing woman who has an enriching personality and a very positive outlook on life.You will enjoy being her company!

As ever Chelsea

Captivating, Fun and Sensual

Learn to Belly Dance with Collette. Classes at Balham, Beckenham and Tooting.  


Silvia C said...

I LOOOVE belly dancing! I'm a zumba addict and I love anything that makes my latina hips move! Belly dancing is such a tremendous, fun exercise. So sexy and fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your wonderful comment. Have a super week. Hugs!!!


Hi Casa. I love Zumba too and I am hooked!!I would love to do her classes very soon. take care.Lookinhg forward to your food blog!!

Emma said...

The classes look fun and Collette is very captivating. thank you for sharing this!!!will check it out.

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