Wednesday, October 12, 2011

West Norwood Feast Summer!!!

Thought I would share some pics from the summer fair I did with WNF

It was bright warm brilliant day..and all the staff made me feel very welcomed

The bracelets and cards sold very well, I was almost out of stock

And I met some very lovely people, other thoughtful stall holders who were keen to give a comfort break when needed and came over to say hello and peek at my stock

I had to think... up how do I make this space work to display my ART and crafts.? When I turned up on location I took a deep breathe and thought I can do this and I did!!! 30 minutes later I was all set up for trading!! 

All in all it was by every means a very successful day and wonderful experience..I did do some crafting & painting during quite times..which was great because I love being productive

Until next time....keep well and stay inspired!!! Chelsea


Elfena said...

I love places like that!


So true Elfena...just checked out your blog!!!jacket envy...yummy. you have very good taste..i love your style!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ver Gut Blög!!!!

saw you at art show in germany last saturday. WÖW!!! you are a beauty and art fantastic!!!



Oh thank you Jany...i left my card around glad someone picked it up and had a look around the blog! hope to see again here.

freehugs said...

Beautiful day!!! every success!!!

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