Wednesday, October 12, 2011

West Norwood Feast Summer!!!

Thought I would share some pics from the summer fair I did with WNF

It was bright warm brilliant day..and all the staff made me feel very welcomed

The bracelets and cards sold very well, I was almost out of stock

And I met some very lovely people, other thoughtful stall holders who were keen to give a comfort break when needed and came over to say hello and peek at my stock

I had to think... up how do I make this space work to display my ART and crafts.? When I turned up on location I took a deep breathe and thought I can do this and I did!!! 30 minutes later I was all set up for trading!! 

All in all it was by every means a very successful day and wonderful experience..I did do some crafting & painting during quite times..which was great because I love being productive

Until next time....keep well and stay inspired!!! Chelsea


Elfena said...

I love places like that!


So true Elfena...just checked out your blog!!!jacket envy...yummy. you have very good taste..i love your style!

Anonymous said...

Ver Gut Blög!!!!

saw you at art show in germany last saturday. WÖW!!! you are a beauty and art fantastic!!!



Oh thank you Jany...i left my card around glad someone picked it up and had a look around the blog! hope to see again here.

freehugs said...

Beautiful day!!! every success!!!

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