Tuesday, April 12, 2011

USA purchase!

I love when I get a new customer, especially one from Far Away.

And here I am, trying to package it  extra-special for her. I also popped an extra something in the package .........just  to say Thank You for the purchase. I do so love spoiling my customers.


Kella said...

Congrates on your overseas sale, and the packaging is cute and personal, which I think speaks volumes about the artist and the love she pours into her creations.

I am sure your customer felt extra special beacause of the thought and care that went into packaging her purchase.

I also aim to make opening the package an enjoyable journey as well.


Thank you Kella!Really... it was ssuch a joy to do and a wonderful process to say goodbye to a treasured piece, it is a symbol of a proper send off...to me anyway.

Thanks again and keep well.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on that sale. I am sure that very lucky person is rather appreciative of it. How lucky they are.

I am soon to be one of those lucky ones, as I was at the Living water cafe earlier today and would be back to purchase one of the exhibited pieces. You are a brilliant artist and i do appreciate your work.

Soon to be owner of a Chelsea Art Design Piece,
Regan Sparks.
London, UK.


Thank you Regan for the kind words..........Do keep in touch I would love to hear if you were able to purchase the piece at Living water.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog

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