Friday, March 4, 2011

Learning the Art of saying Goodbye!

I wanted to share with you the journey I am on at the moment. Sometimes as creative beings we put so much of ourselves in creating art that when it is time  for it to be taken away to be  exhibited, like I had to today.......I felt compelled  to say good bye and wish it well....and admittedly...I felt a little pang in my heart. So ......upon reflection.. I absolutely have to  learn to art of saying goodbye to my pieces. It does not happen with all my pieces but some I treasure so much because it hold s such symbolism and meaning to me.........yes I want other people to enjoy it, to put a smile on their face or conjure up certain positive and pleasant emotions and I know my art does this ( well according to feedback anyway!) but every so often when I create a piece that is especially close to my heart and it is rehoused to a place I know I wont have privy to ..I  feel  a bit of myself is gone. I do not know if I am making any sense here but this is how I feel. I know wherever it ends up I am pleased and as an artist I am forever flattered when a piece is sold.....I guess in a way I want to reassure the new owner that it was painted with the greatest love, passion and consideration........and I wish them every enjoyment..goodbye!

As Ever



itsRenataLive said...

Brilliant post Chelsea!

Kella said...

I so get what you mean, thanks for sharing.


Thank you Kella and Renata for your comments, I feel less of a freak now!


Anonymous said...

Your girls are beautiful!!!!!firstly! you must be so proud. I understand exactly what you are saying, I can't reassure you with time it gets easier that is just the nature of what we do but it means you love your craft, which is wonderful.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, it gets better!!! it will.


an admirer

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