Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Try something new!!-Clay

Clay- fun and frolic!Sometimes we need to try something new. I(unwillingly)agreed to do a group project for a special event this weekend. This  was so, mainly because I have a jam packed week and could  not forsee having the time to make and design one bead ( 1!) from scratch.So off I trotted to the nearest bookstore in the kids/crafts section to find clay to bake!

 I have never really worked with clay in this way before, but once I got started....I could not stop. I only needed to make one bead, but ended up producing 13 wonderful creations.

cut and shape the clay- bake for 20 minutes

let cool, colour with various mediums

we used watercolour, pastels, nail polish, markers and gel pens.

And here -the almost finished product

These will be used as necklaces, beads to make a bracelet and keyrings.

I really found joy creating this mini zentangle design on this medallion pendant.

Watch this space for more a giveaway soon!! I have a little more work to do on these but boy it was such fun. My daughters and I had a wonderful Wednesday evening bonding over clay designing and painting. I wish you all a lovely week. I hope 2013 has started off positively, productively and full of joy and hope! Best Wishes-Chelsea.
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