Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Friendly LoVe

This morning I will be taking photos of  jewellery I have been working on for my open house...While I am  doing this I thought I would share this lovely piece of painting  I did back in 2007.
 It came about as a creative piece to remind me of how blessed I am to have such amazing and wonderful friends in my life. 
One of My greatest pride are my Friends.........the family I was born into was not by my choice. The family I have created was not by their choice.
 My friends are MY choice and a reflection of who I am! Thank you Friends for being Amazing Human Beings!!!

Can you relate to this ???? Do you have friends in your life that you think---'I am so fortunate to have this person in my life.!' please share..Chelsea


MsXpat said...

Good true friends are rare and sometimes words are not enough. Lovely piece to honor of friendship :0)

Ladytee said...

3 Cheers for friendship & my fav color yellow! :}


Thank you Maria and Sonya, alays wonderful to have you here leaving such beautiful comments, thannk you for all the support.

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