Friday, November 11, 2011


Well what a week.
I returned from my 3 week trip Germany on Sunday night and have declared every day that after I empty the suitcases and prepare my 5 year old for the school week I will start preparing the house for Christmas aka... massive clean out!!! and clear out. 
Have I done it yet?...... the former yes, the latter no...
It has turned out to be of a week spontaneous  bonding sessions with my girlfriends,...hours on Skype with family, mending a broken friendship, surprised visits from dear friends and today I am in the middle of completing 4 paintings all commissioned. 
I managed to take some photos which I hope to post later today providing I get a  break....{I had to run away while one piece was drying to post this!!! } 
Golly my gosh!!! 
What have I learnt this week......'we can plan all we want to but in the end life takes over and have its way''s wonderful to be back in London!!!

I wish you all a great weekend and will encourage you to let life take the lead every now and may be surprised where it will take you. Be ready for the journey!

Hugs Chelsea
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