Wednesday, November 30, 2011


There is nothing like taking time out and recharging your batteries......being out of your normal surroundings...out of your comfort does wonders for your creative outlet,..mind, soul and all round well being

I was kidnapped and taken to France[a lovely seaside town] by my husband for a few days {much needed}.........I felt so refreshed. I wanted to stay longer. ..Typical.. ..just as I was beginning to feel relaxed it was time to return to London. I missed my children dearly so I was happy to see them as it was my first time being away from them for that long {never before more than 1 day}- 4 days! 

Note: we need to make time for the things we love and for life can take over and prevent us from feeling like we are living!!! Take some time something...say yes to an adventure!!! Hugs Chelsea
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