Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pictoral Fiction Project Update

As promised is the update on how I've been getting on with the Fiction project. I have started writing on a few pages which, was daunting at first as I was afraid to make mistakes - { I am handwriting everything} but it turned out fine. It just goes to show how reliant we are on the PC!

I am still very much enjoying this process, I try to do a few pages a week but its tricky fitting it around my day job, taking care of my family and home. But I'll say this, it has been very therapeutic !!!!

Charcoal on gesso

Mixed media-paper,markers,stamps, pens,wax, oil pastels and chalk pastels  

Markers, pens and pencils and wax crayons

Top view of the journal

Water colour on gesso- oil pastel, markers, pen, markers, pencil and stamps
 Charcoal on gesso

3D effect wax crayon, layered paper and water colour

chalk pastel, makers and pens

Water colour, oil pastel and felt tip pens

 paper fabric layered and pens

Chalk pastel

Water colour

Water colour

Warer colour - paper layers- 3D effect Add

Oil pastel and acrylic paint

Water colour

Water colour

Water colour

Journal opened

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