Monday, January 7, 2013

Studio in Progress

As most of you may know I work from home, it is where most of my inspiration live, here I create , paint, love and nurture my little family. I am a home buddy  and love that I can be home when my kids are small, walk with them to school and pick them up. My creativity fits around the needs of my family, which is great, however, I have been desperate for my own creative space ( so it does not infringe on my family's space aka..dining room table).
So, since my husband now has his office in the city I have decided 'That room is mine'..mine you it is the size of shoe box but it is mine and it feels wonderful to have it!!! So here I am currently transforming our once baby room , then home office into my studio and I thought I would share a few photos from Pinterest I was browsing.....while day dreaming..on a short break from cleaning and  organising.

Claire Basler in studio
Look at the size of that Easel and all that natural light...brilliant
by lazareva valeria, via Flickr
Again, so much space to create, I love that high ceiling.
8I love all the colour and vibrance of this room in particular
 This room has so mcuh simplicity...table, lamp,quiet,book, sketch pad and writing tools-done!
studioAnd this studio tells it's own story.....and now I must get back to creating my own space. I will in due time  share photos of progress and finished room if you like. As ever best wishes..Chelsea.

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