Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Be Uplifted

January has been such an emotional roller coaster. 

The Lows- There seem to be a spell of heartbreaking events happening to people I care a great deal about at the moment and it really makes me wonder how life can truly deal you a hand not worth playing. I have offered support in any way I could to ease situations and put to task the true meaning of friendship. 

The Highs- having sold 4 paintings in 2 weeks, had me beyond elation. Especially since I know the buyers and was rest assured it will be enjoyed and appreciated. Also, in the midst of it all working on a commission piece for a new home...such joy. Working on this landscape piece in particular has really enabled me to better cope with the level of stress I was under re-above. Art is so powerful and such a wonderful stress reliever. I would encourage anyone to dabble, doodle, draw , pick up your old sketch pad, any random piece of paper and just mindlessly scribble .....it is the cheapest form of stress relief.

I wanted to share a few pics that I also found to help ease me through times when I needed to be uplifted.

Most seascapes and landscapes has always felt like home to me, no matter where I am I can look at a photo of the ocean/lake/forest and I'll feel at home. The calmness of nature  keeps me grounded when the world around me seems so chaotic . I hope these pics do the same for you if ever you feel overwhelmed!

escape... to the middle of the sea...  Just love the lost and dead calm of the photo. The horizon cannot be seen which enhances focus on the listless boat.Photo by Richard CalmesFall is a beautiful time of yearThe calm after the storm in Yosemite National Park.Photo: National Park Service"Calm morning-Li River” by Michael SheridanQuiet & Calm...CalmRose colored sky reflecting on calm waters Stock PhotoThe sea has always been a sense of home to me, no matter where I am I can look at a photo of the ocean and I'll feel at home. The calmness of the sea is what keeps me sane in this chaotic world.


itsRenataLive said...

Congrats on the sales and the commissioned piece Chelsea; love the great news.

AntiquityTravelers said...

Hard to balance life sometimes. When you're up, sometimes loved ones are down. But being there, listening, supporting is always important. It is important to be there for the ones you love. But it is also important to celebrate your own successes. Congrats to you.


Thank you IrL for stopping by and for the support. It is indee wonderful news.


Thany you AT, Life indeed has a way of throwing you off balance at times but you only appreciate it more when get back on track and are more deligent with your success.

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