Thursday, August 16, 2012

3D-Purple Butterfly

I have never met anyone who does not LOVE butterflies

and I am no exception

this piece was commissioned last year as a birthday present for a young girl

I had great fun making it with a 3D finish

I sculpted the butterfly unto the canvas and infused  purple undertones as it was the clients favorite colour.

Hope you enjoy...take care C


MsXpat said...

Awww I'm also a lovely of butterflies. Only this week I bought a tea-light holder for baby girl with a butterfly on it. This is a gorgeous piece :0)

Ladytee said...

This is really cute Chelsea! How did you accomplish the 3D affect?


Hello Maria and
Sonya, always a pleasure hearing from you both. Thank you for the comments and compliments. Sonya the 3D effect was done by layering the butterfly until it popped out of the canvas half an inch -using paper & medium layering effect.

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