Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thank You!

Thank you so much to all of you for taking part in my Gratitude giveaway! I will be posting out your bracelets on Monday. Please email me your postal address.See you again for my next 100! encourage your friends & family to join for a chance to win something wonderful when I hit 200! My beautiful winners.
No, Thank You =)
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itsRenataLive said...

Thanks Chelsea. I look forward with excitment :) Keep reaching past your expectations and embracing the limitless journey of life. I am very proud of you!

Global Sound Check said...

Awesome! Thank you Chelsea! We continue to follow your progress as we enjoy being a part of your journey.

Think it! Create it! said...

Delighted to have won one of your beautifully, hand crafted pieces made with love. Thank you! Looking forward to experiencing the next 200 session with you.

Go Strong!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Chels. I appreciate it! May all that you put your hands to continue to be great!

Lady Pat.

May said...

Where was I when this was happening? Ohh I missed out on this one, and I hope not to miss out again.. Congrats ladies!!


So happy you all took part, I am in the process of writing your lovely handmade cards to accompany your bracelets all being well to be shipped out tomorrow!!

Ladytee said...

Thank you Chelsea!

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