Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review -Half day Jewellery course @ CA Jewellry school

As an artist, I love painting, however I am above all things a woman and adore pretty things.I love dressing up (always have) and I have tried creating a few accessories in my time but never did a course so..It was with great excitement  that I woke up last Saturday morning and trotted off [ I literally skipped all the way]to my gifted ( thank you again NCS) Half day introductory jewellery making course

One of the beautiful things about this course is the wonderful women I got to spend 4 glorious hours with being creative. everyone was charming, helpful and very encouraging. Thank you to all the women for making my rare day out very special indeed!!
Hosted by the C A Jewellery  school- the course which took place in Convent Garden. There were about 30 eager women of all ages there to learn a new skill or just try something new. The atmosphere was friendly, warm and welcoming.  I took my place at a table, which already had the tools I needed laid out with all the findings and beads and such. The instructors were on hand to talk us through every step, offer personal assistance and direction with appropriate use of the tools. I am  tactile by nature, so I was in heaven with all the different textures of the materials on hand to create my pieces.

Here is a view of some the beads we used to create our pieces

metallic  and fresh water effect pearls  

These were so lovely- fabric covered flower patterned beads.

I chose these beads and bead caps to make my bracelet

My tools came in this bag and consisted of a Round Nose Plier, Flat Nose Plier and Side/Wire Cutter.

The course was 4 hours with a 30 minute break - after the break we had to make a necklace- this is my creation

My Bracelet

a closer view

I enjoyed using mixed findings to give this delicate looking piece an edge

I am really pleased with the result

I really adore the silver and gold mix  bead caps, it gives the necklace an eclectic flavor
Earrings I made later on  that day
side view of my pride and joy
I would highly recommend this course - I think it is very good value and a great way to invest in your hobby. It is also a great way spend 4 hours with a dear friend and would make a wonderful present for some one creative in your life. I have since made 15 pieces in one day and I was in total bliss because I knew what I was doing and felt confident about my new learned skill!!Best Wishes- Chelsea. 


Almost Precious said...

Sounds like it was a day in paradise. Surrounded by beads, beads and more beautiful beads AND by wonderful ladies that all adored beads and were having fun creating one of a kind jewelry. :)

Ladytee said...

Boy I wish you lived in the States! We would have a ball together! Love hearing about the wonderful day you had.

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