Thursday, July 5, 2012

I am off on a Jewellery Course

I simply had to do a quick post before I attended this course -I have had a peek at the website and cannot wait to get stuck in! - C A Jewellery School   I am so excited to be on this course this coming Saturday for many reasons.

  1. A day just for me
  2. Time to learn
  3. To be around creative folk
  4. To be inspired
  5. To try something new
  6. To be out of my comfort zone

A huge thank you to one of my beloved followers N.C.S who remembered I mentioned wanting to do a course in jewellery making and booked me a place at this school. I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude.

- I will attend this course and make the utmost of this wonderful opportunity.
-Also I will make an individual range of jewellery and include it in my give-away. so stay tuned. 
-I will do a blog post review about my experience on the course so look out for it.



MsXpat said...

Good for you! I look forward to seeing your creations ;0)


Thank you so much Maria, you know what it is like, having a day just for you doing what you love. awesome!! I am looking forward to reporting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelsea - so lovely to meet on the course you were very creative and put the rest of us to shame, you were such good fun and made us all laugh, you really changed the atmosphere when you arrived!!! Looking forward to seeing you again.


Ladytee said...

Kudos to u♥

Ladytee said...

...and I am now all caught up with your blog posts! Whew!

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