Friday, July 20, 2012

Earrings- oh yes!

Hello Friends I hope you are all ready for the weekend - I thought I would quickly share with  you  a few photos of my new creations. After completing my introduction to

 jewellery making course a few weeks ago -I was buzzing with creative ideas.

I could not wait [patience is a virtue that I am still hoping to acquire]to start creating some pieces to practice

my new found skill [please note I did not have to correct tools for making these earrings, I raided my husband's tool box-I had to wrangle some serious man size apparatus but the outcome was worth it]

Fingers crossed that my[ the appropriate] jewellery making tools arrives today because I am so ready to put to work all I have learned. I have been stalking the poor postman daily for the imminent elusive package. Oh! I will do a post when the package arrives and share it's contents with you.[in the hope that you are vaguely interested]

I cannot wait to get stuck in- I will be spending the summer in Germany and the kit will be coming with me. So stay tuned for more post on my progression. Until then  I  wish you good day and a wonderful weekend. Chelsea. PS- which ones do you like most? - feedback welcomed! Much love.


MsXpat said...

Lovely pieces, waiting anxious to see the finished collection.

Ladytee said...

Oh, Chelsea these are so pretty! You are a fast learner, and they came out looking good, even without the correct tools. Hope the postman comes soon with your package because I can't wait to see more.

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