Monday, May 28, 2012

Stuck On You- Prodcut Review!

Owls are my favourite nocturnal animals. I spent one evening some months ago trying my hand at drawing and sketching a few ..along with some birds
One of my quick sketches of an animated owl
I adore little colourful birds.. ;another of my quick drawing
My attempt at sketching a  Barn Owl!
And lovely birds on branches.......On this note, as mentioned in my previous post I am member of Britmums -Working with Brands Group. After viewing the Stuck On You  website with the amazing range of simply wonderful products, I put myself forward to review an item . I was delighted to be selected as a reviewer with Erin. We were requested to  review  their personalized short summer pyjamas.
I simply had to chose this one (above) on the Stuck On You website 

I was drawn to the range of designs on offer . They are colourful, bright, engaging,cute  and adorable. I especially liked the designs featuring  -owls- birds -birdhouses-flowers and animals.
 I must was difficult deciding on a design as I adore owls as mentioned and there were quite a handful of Owl designs in the range to choose from.  This one stood out because it represented my daughters and  I cuddled  in bed with me in the middle reading stories at bedtime with them. 
From a design aspect I love them all.
 Once I chose the design the Pyjamas were then posted out to us.
It arrived just in time too because summer has  finally come to London!
 After weeks and weeks of rain we have been having glorious sun / heat wave, so Erin is only keen to wear as little as possible in the form of teeny tiny dresses. 
 I was relived that she actually like wearing the PJ's; little did I know she would wear it for days on end.
In my opinion the pyjamas are of high quality thick, stretchy, soft and  cotton -my favourite fabric, especially for the kids

The proof in the comfortable wear of the stuck on you short summer pyjamas for Erin is clear to experience this go to -
They are quality made and 100% cotton. Each top can be personalised with a child's name with over 30 gorgeous designs to choose from. The bottoms are available in navy or pink and white stripes. They are super soft and super snugly. (RRP 24.95)

Erin Is finally comfortably asleep..
Note -At the back inside of the pyjama top is written " to wear me for as long possible, please machine wash me on a cold, gentle setting. Be careful!!!do not bleach or tumble dry...ouch iron me with a warm iron but please Never iron directly onto my cute print design. 98%Cotton 2% Elastane."
The morning after..Erin is still a happy customer.  
The pyjama did not wrinkle or stretch out of shape

She did not wish to take them off- so she wore it to take her big sister to school, and to the park and to play group and then had her nap. We are now 3 days in and she refuses to take it off (arrh) that is the only drawback about this product. She has gotten very attached to it. 
To have a completed review I would have loved to wash and iron the product and express how it stands up to it first wash but Erin is still in the pyjama.
 I thought for the purpose of the review I would see how many days she would push for it but I think after her nap today it simply has to be laundered before someone reports me to Social Services.

I would certainly recommend Stuck On You if you are on the look out for a personalised gift, name labels, clothing labels for kids, and school .

  Check out their website -Stuck on You® UK  -

Visit  Stuck On you on Facebook

Quoted from the Stuck on you website-'Looking for personalised gifts, baby gift ideas, birthday gift ideas or something special for Christmas? With the huge range at Stuck on You® UK you are spoilt for choice. Choose your favourite designs, add your children's name and see what your personalised gifts will look like online before you buy.
Order online now for fast deliver - we deliver anywhere in the UK.'

Above are just a sample range of the items they offer......why not.check it out ...the designs are awesome!

Please Note: this is not a sponsored or paid post. However I was sent the product to be reviewed by myself and  family: therefore the  opinions expressed are ours wholly and unbiased.

PO Box 3068 Geelong  VIC  3220  T: 1800 645 849


Anonymous said...

Chelsea oh wow!!! you product review is great...i like the way you gently linked your art to the product. little Erin looks great in it too. will check out the website,,you have enticed me.



Think it! Create it! said...

This is a rather entertaining and impressive review. Brilliant the way you connect the story of the product and lil Erins' use of it, loved it.

itsRenataLive said...

oooo I like!!!

Erin seems to be the one that's 'stuck on you' or is that the effect the product has on its customers? Either way, 'Stuck on you' just found their latest and newest child model :) Their product held up quite good and look fab on Erin.

i am native here . . . said...

Great review! If I were in England, I would be "stuck on them too!" :-D And how adorable is Erin, drop earrings and all (yes, I have to look at every detail!). You LOVE owls?! Who knew!

Anonymous said...

What adorable PJs. Any little girl would adore them. Love your funny but factual approach to reviewing. Keep up the great work. A good review is a useful review and that makes the difference whether or not a product will be chosen from the masses out there. Well done.


Thank you each and every one of you for leaving such encouraging comments. My love for Owls can be blamed on Pinterest! Vellie- I am hooked!

Reviewing is new to me and it is good to receive feedback to improving my so I can improve.

Much Love

Ladytee said...

How did I miss this post? I've been looking for you to post something for a bit & when you do I miss it. Lmbo...this story is just to cute & funny! I think the name of the product should be named stuck on Erin! LOL She is adorable. I ♥ the drawings especially the little birdies.

Gabriele Vilkonyte said...

Hello dear,
maybe you would like to follow each other's blogs with GFC or via bloglovin? or even both?

have a nice day!

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