Sunday, May 20, 2012

Introducing Tilly @silverserivce

My beautiful wings- hand carved bone by the beautiful Tilly @ Silver Service.

It is not often that I get the chance to venture out into the city..... with the added bonus of spoiling myself with a guilt free purchase just for me, not for the kids or the home.....  for ME!

So off I trotted to the Spirit of Summer fair in London on Friday. This being the first time I attended I checked on-line to see what I was in for. There were photos displaying the different exhibitors and events to expect...but when I laid eyes on the picture above..... I told myself 'SELF' that is nice... that is very nice, I must pop by her booth and have a look.
 A look.. mind you turned into a rare purchase. It was so delicately made! ( not a word usually associated with bone but it is honestly) . I rationalized to myself that I must have it must and based this on all hard work I do being a good mother and wife and told myself... 'SELF'.. if my husband were here he would surely get it for me . So I did what I felt I should do ......whipped out my card and swiped away.... with not an ounce of guilt looming in the air I knew it had to be. And here she is...' a bargain for only £25.00! if you love and appreciate unique high quality hand crafted must check out Tilly's site.
what a beauty
so delicate
My newly favorite piece

check out her website @

NOTE: I am doing this review on own accord because I truly love her work and appreciate it from an artistic view point. It is just my nature to support other artists and artforms and share their talent with my viewers.


MsXpat said...

Well you done know, I'M A FAN!!!


yes indeed! i love her work!!!

Ladytee said...

I ♥ that necklace! Its beautiful and you're right is it very much deserved. We as moms need to spoil ourselves every now and again.

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