Sunday, April 22, 2012

Am I to blame???

Finding ways to incorporate my passion and art work into my daily life can be a challenge at times with a toddler, so instead of waking in the middle of the night or early mornign hours to paint. I  have included my family inot my passion and still amange to get enough sleep. Exhibit A ....come on!!! Just look at how happy and engaged she is....
Doing something creative with your child is a great way of bonding with them
encouraging them to explore their senses, little Erin finds painting a great activity
because she gets to make a mess!!!, enjoying the texture and seeing colours come alive
as she manipulates her medium with her favorite tool her hands!!( kids paint-non toxic and washable)

We spend a great deal of time together and I engage her with lots of creative play and activites. Usually if I am painting..I will set up a  corner for her to paint too. Last week I decieded to make some gratitude cards for my family in the USA , both the girls wanted to help. So I put them in charge of cutting up paper, sorting out colours and helping me glue. We discussed all the different colours, shapes, sizes and textures. We had a lovely few days of girly creative bonding and later today we will post them off (another lesson- stamping and addressing).

Keep well and keep in touch.


Additionsstyle said...

Looks like your daughter is enjoying her painting time, and all the time you spend with your girls doing art will be cherished forever.
Everyday Inspired

itsRenataLive said...

I love it Chels!!! Lil Erin looks all engrossed in her art. Kiss my lil munchkins for me please! Cheera and thanks. Thanks for sharing, certainly made my day :)

Aunty Fern

MsXpat said...

Great pics. She is clearly have a great time and you now what many great things are created out of chaos, lol.


Thank you Valerie, Fern and Maria for the lovely comments. I adore my girls and try to do things that bring them joy. They have only one chance at being kids and I want to create wonderful memories with them

Ladytee said...

Your daughter is so adorable. Love this...spending time with children at this age is priceless. Enjoy her.


Thank you Sonya for your very kind words. Have a great week. xoxo

Anonymous said...

AWE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>awesome pics. thank you for sharing


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