Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Sacred Place...My Mecca!

I simply had to do post about this.........I went to Mecca!

Right...for all the creative people who need to stock up on goods and supplies, you know it is a thrill( minus the bill) when you go shopping for your trade, be it fabrics, flour, flora or fixtures!!

 My darling Artisan friend and I  jetted off from south London to east London ( day trip ...all excited... do not get out much).  To my favorite art supply super store Atlantis.

It was her first time there and I spent the entire time holding her back from completly overfulling her trolley and falling over people while gravely lusting through the paper, watercolour, brushes, canvas and special sales aisles.
Oh the joy.... we touched everything in the store much to the annoyance of the staff. I swear they thought we were on something but we were so excited about the possibility of getting all creative with our new stash. We were and all over the place...sharing ideas with what we could do with  a new product or medium. Things we will like to try. Giggling and prancing through the aisles, eyeing up products we could not afford and consoling each other with 'next time we will get it' phrase. 
Much to the relief of the sales team we left on a high after a few hours and not too sore a pocket { praises for the sale items that we actually needed}. So after much palpitations and products I am a happy bunny again.

Please share your shopping stories I would love to hear.( least I feel less of a freak)


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