Monday, May 16, 2011

New Beginnings!!!

Hi All

It is late and I cannot sleep.........and I love to sleep, so whats keeping me up? I really feel the overwhelming need to paint or be crafty but I cannot bring myself to go downstairs and get all my things out to fill my fix at 1.30am.

I had alot on my mind a few days ago and found myself crafting all day, I did 4 art  journal pages, 6 mixed sized cards, up cycled and decoupaged a large fruit bowl , redecorated my little girls room, had a shuffle in the loft and made 2 large charity bags.What is wrong with me...I think I am having withdrawals from doing the Fiction project.........I realised how much time the the FP took up as I found myself creating all the time, every spare moment went into completing or creating a page or 2 towards the completion of the book and now I have this hole to fill. So I guess it is all part of the process and completely natural. In my journey through life I have learnt... the only way to get over one thing quickly is get onto a new I need to crack on with my other pending projects which are;

  • a commissioned piece
  • a joint art project with a fellow Artisan in the US
  • a fair in July-prepare more stock
  • a large commissioned piece to be shipped to the US
  • sign up for the sketchbook project 2012!


Anonymous said...

Well done and goog luck on your new projets sounds exciting!!!!!


Crafterella said...

Wow, that's quite a list, how do you find time to get everything done?
Have you done the sketchbook project before?, I have been thinking about it, but I don't know if I would want to park with it when it was all finished, I might just have to pretend to do the project and fill a sketchbook to keep :)


Thank you David and Crafterella. be honest I try to be organised as possible especially with 2 small children, sometimes I think I take on too much but I am very driven and like completing things. No I have not done the sketchbook project before but since doing the Fiction project,I think it will be fine to give over I just really have to enjoy the journey it will send me on....and hand it in so others can enjoy too. I really think you should do it!!!lets do it together, it will be fun I promise!

Until then let me know ad keep well.

Think it! Create it! said...

Wow...busy body huh!!! The life of a Global artist!


Thank you T C! yes I am busy and it seems I am going global after all. Keep well and I look forward to you popping by again. Nice work by the way and thank you for the feature.!!!


Anonymous said...

I love how you have planned so much after completing so much seem so driven..

Inspired by you



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