Monday, April 11, 2011


Hi Everyone....

Firstly..apologies for my absence from  blogville.
I have been exhausted after painting flat out for almost 2 weeks to ensure I had sufficient stock for my Mothers Day Art Sale.

 As a result, I had to get my home in working order again, which subsequently, turned into a spring clean ...I am talking stripping down curtains, moving furniture, emptying all the cupboards, filling many a charity bag, tackling the garden and the vegetable patch...well boxes actually. ...and the list continues to grow.....Oh and  I have not started on the loft yet. Ofcourse all this is done under my husbands' greatest annoyance, for he sees nothing wrong with the house as it is, dust and all....which in turn annoys me!!!!!

Right enough  about that.
The Art sale went well, I sold and got a commission. Many cards and leaflets were requested and distributed. Also the feedback on my collection was very positive and encouraging.  All in all it was a good day .....Bonus!! I met a fellow blogger artist whom I adore plus.. the weather was awesome.!!!

Here  are some photos of the collection...will add more info on these in the week. I am off to bed now.......


itsRenataLive said...

Finally!!! Love them! Awaiting to see more. Brilliant Chels.


Thank you Renata, it was such a pleasure to have somethig to work towards with good results.


enjoying your blog too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelsea, I am happy to say I am one of the proud owners of your paintings. I am now a huge fan since have discovering you and curently saving up to purchase another!

Lovely to meet you over the mothers day sale.

keep well


Anonymous said...

Good day Chelsea, Just had to say thank you for taking the time to chat with me during the mothers day event at Living water cafe, I am intrigued by your creative flow, hence being privileged of now also being a new owner of a Chelsea Art Designs piece. i have displayed it proudly in my home, even thinking of displaying it in the office for a brief spell. Thank you for sharing a piece of you with the rest of us.

Edwin Boyle
London, UK.

Kella said...

I am late in responding to this post but oh I must respond, your work is just getting more and more moreish.

I particularly love the new stencil type designs, OMGoodness, you are going places, WOW!!!!!!


Thank you Laura and Edwin, it was lovely to have met you both. It was a great day, talking to all the people and getting positive feedback.I was so nervous about the sale but it has been a positive experience. Thank you for your purchase and making the event special for me as well.



Thank you kella, It means so much to have a fellow artisan comment and appreciate my work. I really feel like my creative ball is rolling now.

Tight Hugs


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