Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Affordable Art- Rewind

My Artist Open House has been a success. The day has come and gone and I am truly exhausted, I had been working non stop for a month to make the day a success and ensure everyone had a lovely time and it paid off. The feedback was very positive and all those who attended walked away with something handmade and unique. 

 I wanted to share these photos of my paintings with you. I would love to hear your feedback but for now I must bake a cake for my daughter who turns 7 tomorrow.

Untitled 101cm by 81cm- Mixed Media-Abstract

Bird Note Red 30cm by 24.5cm- Mixed Media

Bird Note Blue 30cm by 24.5cm Mixed Media

Tribal 40cm by 30 Mixed Media 

Sunset Landscape 101cm by 81cm Acrylic

Midsummer Sunset 101cm by 81cm Mixed Media

Bird Note Green 30cm by 24.5cm Mixed Media

3D Flower Acrylic 91cm by 35.5cm

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