Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My handmade jewellery collection

Hello friends, I hope you all are doing well. I have not forgotten the giveaway

as I mentioned since reaching over 100 followers on the blog.

Since most of my friends on the blog are of the female persuasion

I thought I would make a new collection of bracelets to giveaway.

I recently attended a  half day jewellery making course and I am buzzing with ideas

And inspiration, please note all these bracelets shown are all sold out!

And I will be putting my improved skills to work to create 10 yes

10 new bracelets to giveaway- they will all be original pieces

No 2 will be the same. the giveaway will be as simple the first 10 people

to a comment on my blog and mention bracelet will get one

Simple as that! the only thing is you have to be a follower on the blog.

I hope you like these bracelets shown here because

the collection I am making for the give-away is going to be awesome!!

So go tell your friends and join the blog party

I would love you all to take part so you  can have 

A lovely handmade

Bracelet on your arm

Until then.( within the next 2 weeks) Keep well

And prosper.  Warm wishes-Chelsea

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