Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kindle?! No thank you, I would much prefer a real book.

..........So my husband, the kids and I are driving to visit friends in Gloucestershire {a 3 hour journey} for which I furnished myself with a few books to read to pass the time { glorious}. Right! Well 20 minutes into the journey, the kids were settled and I thought it a good time to whip out my book until we reached the rolling countrysides.

I barely had a moment to indulge in literary bliss when........................
My husband then assaulted me with the question..'wont you like to have a Kindle? I was thinking to buy you one' {a sweet gesture really}. I was baffled at the thought of not holding an organic book in m hand, flicking through the pages and that lovely wafting scent you can only get when the book is very old....oh the cheap thrill. I told him no thank you and we ended up having  a full blown discussion about this for an hour.{ 30 pages of my personal reading time} Arhh! I love books , I feel connected to the pages, to the words, the writing styles and I  am completely in love's art form......

Calligraphy .Fontology. Typography. Lettering
It has taken me back to penmanship days as a  young child. I  managed to get hold of  a few books and practicing  with any moment spared to me. We are so fortunate in London to have access to such wonderful second hand bookshops, libraries, bookstores...etc. My heart skips a beat whenever I stumble upon a book store or library. My age is showing as really, it should be about shoes and anti aging products. But that's just me. do you love books and would you own a Kindle?

I endeavor to share my progress very soon until then take care. Hugs Chelsea

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