Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goodbye 2014.... Hello 2015

2014 To-Dos...I don't believe in resolutions rather a commitment to a plan for better living everyday

Well hello here we are on the first day just beckons freshness and possibility.There is something magical and special about a new year.

 I was talking with my little family on New years Eve on what we are looking forward to....everyone chimmed in ...".working less earning more, studying harder at school and my 5 year old declared she wants to be a grown up in They asked me what my goals were and I said " I aim to be more gentle with myself and my wellbeing. I know if this is done then everything else for me will fall into place." Now that I am officially middle aged I can feel the changes taking place phycially and mentally, so I know I must make an extra effort to preserve my health and welbeing in order to be of a greater service to others.

That said I wish you all a wonderful 2015 and hope that all the goals you wish to achieve this year you have good health to make it all happen. Wishing you a wonderful 2015 and thank you for all your support,encouragement and kindness. I have made some truly wonderful individuals here in blogland....I remain humbled and grateful to you all.

"The Year is Yours. What will you do with it? {New Year's Eve Free Printable }

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