Monday, September 8, 2014

Autumn Inspired

fall colors

Hello Friends...I know I have not been posting for a while...I have been busy, very busy  and I have found it difficult to sit and write blog post since moving house. It can be truly taxing to fit all the needs of life into a day. However I have made a blogging schedule and hoping to stick to it. I have so much content to share with you but for today I want to share my love of Autumn!

Autumn in the UK officially starts on the 22nd of September and I look forward to it every year with great anticpation. Why? I hear you ask .......well here is my list for you.....

  • The clean crisp air ( no more allergies yay!)
  • Natures' foilage reveal their lovely warm hues which I will be photographing this year!
  • I adore looking at heavy laiden apple trees and enjoy the scent they evoke
  •  Autnmn fashion I say more
  • Baked wine...yummy comforting nurishing food.
  • Outdoor time with  my daughters...hiking...nature trails...woodland walks
  • Crafting and home decorating with Autumnal colours...heaven
  • I get to hibernate in my studio a little more and get really crafty and super creative preparing for the Christmas Markets

And now visual feast.........

Easy Fall Craft ~ For Thanksgiving or Halloween {Could change the glitter color or leaf style for other Holidays}fall centerpiece: brown wooden box with lights, berries, candles and mini gourds!

185146_424679954247278_979513133_n.jpg (427×640)Cable Knit Sweater, chunky scarf, Boyfriend Jeans and Leather Boots // by theccnetwork on Polyvore

Vegan Fall Stew6 Delicious Fall Treat Recipes chocolate / choppoed nut topped strawberry to look like acornoutfit with combat boots - Google Search37 Easy DIY No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas - BuzzFeed MobileBrown scarf, white blouse, jeans shirt, black leggings, long boots and hand bag fashion for fall

Soif like me you love Autumn share in the comments below what you like about it...I would love to hear from you .....until then keep well.

Always Chelsea

note: images via Pinterest 


AntiquityTravelers said...

I am looking forward to Fall! I'm not an East Coast person who likes the humid weather, I usually breath a sigh of relief when the temps drop


Awe thank you for stopping by AT...indeed I must admit also I do not relish being in the heat.Bring on the fall!!

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