Friday, April 12, 2013

Recharge and get Centered

ME TIME!!!---Hello friends I hope you all have been a productive week and looking forward to the weekend......Saturday mornings are officially Heaven on.

I love moments like these, they do not come often and sometimes we have to be creative with mapping out time for ourselves! On Saturday mornings my husband takes both girls off to German school. This activity buys me 3 blissful hours on my own in the house. I plan this time viciously and so Friday night  all the house work is done, clothes/uniforms ready and ironed for the week ahead, meal for the day is cooked {slow cooking in oven or prepped}.
Fast forward to Saturday morning,as soon as they are out the door I do a virtual cartwheel, jump in the shower and preen for as long as possible, music blasting and candles lit! Then I douse myself in lotions and potions and oils. I then slip my comfy house shoes on and head downstairs. I make myself a green tea, sit looking out unto the garden, flipping through one of my journals and enjoy the quiet in complete gratitude.

This recent ritual has greatly improved my level of creativity, ability to focus and remain centered for longer.  I am also a more pleasant person all round  being able to give more of myself to others and to my craft.

 I cannot encourage you enough to carve out some ME TIME for yourself, embrace it, revel in the bliss of refueling ...and re-emerge a happier individual.!

Very best wishes to you..Chelsea



Wonderful! It's always good to take time to recharge and rejuvenate -- wherever and whenever we can!

AntiquityTravelers said...

oh good for you! regenerating is so important for the soul and your creativity!


Thank you Jan and Cynthia, indeed it is. I will be doing some of it today in fact!Hope you are also

Ladytee said...

Totally agree Chelsea! Moments to yourself are like rare gems! When my hubby takes the children & even sometimes the dog I smile from ear to ear. Rejuvenation is so important for everyone to do. If gives clarity, peace and relaxation. Enjoy your serenity.

Unknown said...

Nice reading, and sound advice. I could actually picture you doing the cartwheels!



Thank you Barry and Sonya for stopping by and cotributing to this topic. I you both continue to practice it.......for it's great benefits!Much love

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