Friday, February 1, 2013

Artist in Blogland challenge!

The joy of blogging often manifests when I meet other creative bloggers and artists online...And so led me to discover the lovely and talented YouTube sensation Jennibelli and was featured on her Tell All Tuesday where she features Arty Types like myself. While stopping by to say hello this morning to Jenni this morining on her blog I discovered -Artist in Blogland . While there I also discovered they were hosting a challenge called....where each month we are given a quote to make a piece of art /art journal as part of the challenge.

 and the quote was..... by the way I LOVE QUOTES!

This is my submission for the my life ,friendship inspires my life and my art and in many ways fuel me. My frindships blossom and , so my contribution was done around placing the quote within the shape of a simple flower against a layered background built up on various vibrant colours. I hope you like this post and are inspired to create something today. Have a wonderful weekend. Chelsea.


itsRenataLive said...

I love this Chelsea! It's brilliant. Impressive entry and back-story.

naomi orana said...

Great post!
Thank you so much for introducing yourself and your wonderful blog to me!
Looking forward to seeing more of your work :-)


Hello IRL and Naomi, thank you for stopping by, and the warm comments.I love the feedback, it nourishes my growth!

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