Friday, June 13, 2014

What is an Art Journal/Art Journalling?

Good day everyone..I hope all is well...Todays post aims at answering a question I get asked often of late.....( I am a avid Art Journaller)

What is an Art Journal?
An Art Journal is a visual diary where you can express yourself. We all have a need for a safe creative outlet... to express our feelings, fears, travels, journeys, emotions,guilt, joys , get the idea. 

In your Art Journal you can combine creative mediums to embelish your pages. You can use whatever you like.....watercolour, acrylic, oil/chalk pastels, inks, stamps, stickers, paper cuttings, fabric, buttons.....really whatever you fancy or have at hand. The main purpose is that you are able to fully express yourself is all about the process and less about how the page will look after. 

Art Journalling  is fun, healing, creative and messy which I love because you can use whatever you like to express yourself.......It will take on a creative journey beyound your dreams if you go with the flow of your emotions .... 

Note- many greats like Albert Eistein and Da Vinci kept a visual Diary where they sketched and  recorded thier thoughts, frustrations and ideas. so art journaling is not a fad or latest craze but has been around for many years.

Here is a Video I made creating an art journal page,..I hope this inspires you..I have also included a few photos of my journal pages and mediums I like to use....because they dry quickly...( patience is not a virtue I have in great abundance but I am working on it)

I really enjoy using washi tape, stamps, stickers, watercolour, makers and pens on my pages, especially in my art journal kit that I take with me on journeys.

This journal page above hold much self doubt and frustration under the layers of blue mixed media, however I always try to write over very positive words to complete my page which is a symbol to me that my initial feelings are dealt with and I can move on to better works everytime!

 Thank you again for stopping by today..I will be sharing more journal pages and will make an art journal flip though video for you all to enjoy. Until then keep well... I will also do a post about an abstract watercolour workshop I attended with Richard @ Squarecube very soon! 

Again feel free to share this post..with others. Have a wonderful day.

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