Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Poppy Cratfs-A crafters paradise with a local touch

Hello friends...I hope you are well and enjoying the superb  warm weather. Today I want to share with you this place I disovered. I simply cannot help but share good experiences, places and people and this fits all three for me. As a consumer I want that personal touch when I make a purchase or need information...I want to feel good about parting with my dosh, also buying local is always our first port of call. I invest in people that I  know, like and trust so I am happy to recommend Poppy my readers. 

{Disclamer - I have taken it on myself to blog about this Independent Shop because I value and appreciate good service and believe it should be celebrated. Theses experiences inspire my creative outlet. I was not asked, paid or given products of any kind by Poppy Crafts.}

I stumlbled upon Poppy Crafts a couple months ago.....and I cannot express the delight on meeting the owner Denise Dickson.  Denise and her staff offers a personal touch and really know the inner workings of their products....mainly so because they are crafters selling to crafters. This independant craft shop offers a wide range of crafting goodies....It is truly a crafters paradise.

Not only does Poppy Crafts supply us crafters with a wide range and variety ( more than the larger outlets from my experience) but they also hold workshops....Yes it is indeed  a creative hob...from sewing classes, cardmaking, quiltng and crocheting! I rencently did an Abstract Watercolour Workshop with Richard from squarecube and I can tell you first hand the workshops are such good fun because everyone is there to have a good time and create lovely memories while learning something new. More on Richard in another post soon. 

Poppy Crafts is a place whenever I stop by it is difficult to leave, I always meet wonderful people and the laughter is always on tap!

Just feast your eyes on all the crafting goodies......

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post today. I really appreciate your time...please feel free to share this post with your friends on all the medias!

You can find Poppy Crafts on facebook Poppy Crafts 
Here is the address 33-35 Victoria Street. Sheerness.Kent.ME12 1YA 
Phone them on -01795 666 976 ..

PS- Shop Local , support your Independent shops where you can. It makes a positive difference to your local economy. Best wishes.Chelsea

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