Thursday, May 23, 2013

Layers - a sneak peak on new works

A peak at new works for my 
Artist Open House June 29th 2013


After my Art Master Class with Justine Formentelli I was so inspired to put my new technique to work. Admittedly I was still a bag of nerves after I sat and passed my driving theory exam I had to do something creative. The wonderful thing about this particular layering process for me is that I find it very calming [ the glass of port wine has nothing on this!!!!!] I had 15 medium canvases in my loft, which I retrieved into my home studio and went to work on them.....all 15! I really could not was like a layering frenzy. I  normally set the scene when I am working with music and scented candles but this creative session needed no frills. So now all my canvases are layered....I still have to paint and add more mixed media . I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

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